The Group is made up of various companies, which are integrated with each other on the basis of their functions; in this way, they all contribute to upgrading the commercial potential of the Group, and to reinforcing its standing in the domestic and foreign markets.
In particular, the companies which make up the Group are the following: 
  SEM S.p.A. (Ltd) 
  STIPAR S.p.A. 
  SIMEC S.p.A. 
  MA.GU (Alimzoo) S.p.A. 
Based in Cagliari. This is the Leading Company of the Group; it manages all contracts for the supply of milled products (soft wheat flour, semolinas and brans) to customers in non-EU Countries (among which we should mention Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Former USSR, Albania, etc.). In accordance with its role as trading Company, SEM S.p.A. also coordinates the production schedule of its Sister Companies, as well as the procurement of raw materials. SEM S.p.A. (Ltd) 

09123 cagliari 
viale la playa 13 
tel. (00.39) 070.663023-651972 fax (00.39) 070.664243

The STIPAR Company, with offices and plant in Sanluri (province of Cagliari), is a producer of high quality flours obtained by the appropriate mixing of various types of quality soft wheat. The flours thus obtained are sold on the local market, in which STIPAR and its Sister Companies have a share of approximately 90%. The sale of other cereals for animal fodder is a secondary activity of STIPAR while being no less important for the Company's economy in view of the volume of transactions. STIPAR S.p.A.

09025 sanluri (ca) 
s.s. 131 km 43,200 
tel. (00.39) 070.9307076-9307007 fax (00.39) 070.9370541 

Offices and plant in Santa Giusta (Province of Oristano) This Company was conceived and brought into being by its founder Mr. Ercole Cellino, to whom it is entitled. In fact, SIMEC is the acronym of 'Società Industria Molitoria Ercole Cellino' (Ercole Cellino Milling Industry Company) The plant, completed in June 1994, and equipped with last-generation BUHLER machinery, is one of the most modern, advanced-technology mills in Europe. The plant and the silos for storing cereals and the finished products are located close to the industrial port of Santa Giusta (OR). A state-of-the-art conveyor belt system connects the silos to the nearby private dock "Ercole Cellino". This dock, allowing the mooring of cargo ships of tonnage up to 30,000 metric tons is provided with equipment for the unloading of cargo at a rate of 300 m.tons/hour approximately, and equipment for loading bagged cargo at a rate of 1,300 m.tons/day approximately. Thanks to its fully equipped, autonomous dock, SIMEC is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, since it has no obligations to follow port schedules; it also functions at very low management costs. Thus, both SIMEC and its Sister Companies offer extremely competitive terms to their customers. SIMEC S.p.A. 

09096 santa giusta (or) loc. cirras tel. (00.39) 0783.359966 

fax (00.39) 0783.359970
Offices and Plant in Cagliari. I.S.M. is the latest addition to the Group (1996). As part of its commercial plans, the Group has started a radical reorganisation of I.S.M., in order to bring it to the same standards as its Sister Companies. I.S.M. produces wheat semolinas for bread-making, largely for the domestic market. Recently, thanks to the reorganisation process under way, the Company has started exporting semolinas to Tunisia e Libya, while existing contracts will be gradually revised in the near future as the reorganisation of the Company progresses.  INDUSTRIA SARDA MOLINI (I.S.M.) SRL

09123 cagliari 
via po 4 
tel. (00.39) 070.275620 
fax 070.288807

Offices and Plant in Sanluri (CA) MA.GU. is a Company producing animal fodder; although it was established fairly recently (1992), within a short period MA.GU. has taken up 30% of the local market, towards which its marketing policy has been primarily oriented. MA.GU (Alimzoo) S.p.A. 

09025 sanluri (ca) 
s.s. 131 km 43,200 
tel. (00.39) 070.9307015 
fax (00.39) 070.9307059

Located in Nimes (France) Making the most of its highly qualified, professionally trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment, the Company selects and purchases the cereals required for the production processes of the other Companies of the Group; it also sells cereals on international markets. Thanks to stringent quality controls performed on the cereals it deals with, TRANSGRAIN has reached a considerable ranking among French Wheat Traders, and thus a standing at European level. TRANSGRAIN FRANCE SA 

30900 nimes 
27, quai de la fontaine 
tel. (00.33) 04.66369236 
fax (00.33) 04.66211601

Located in Cagliari. Port Service is mainly a service Company, managing and coordinating sea transport services for the Companies of the Group. In particular, it is in charge of selecting and freighting the appropriate cargo ships required by the various Sister Companies and managing the commercial aspects linked to freight transport procedures. Port Service works in close contact with its Sister Companies; thus maximum efficiency is ensured in the various stages of the production cycle and in the execution of international contracts for purchase and export. PORT SERVICE SRL 

09123 cagliari 
viale la playa 15 
tel. (00.39) 070.656223 
fax (00.39) 070.651485

Located in Cagliari, SICE is the Financial Holding Company of the Group. Established in..., it manages the Group's holding and financial operations.  SICE SPA 

09123 cagliari 
viale la playa 15 
tel. (00.39) 070.670097 
fax (00.39) 070.651485

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