Our Group is present in all the main markets; our transactions are in the amount of 500,000 metric tons of products per year.

Our commercial area of choice has always been the foreign market: at the present time, about 60% of our entire production is marketed abroad, while the remaining 40% is sold on the domestic market, at local level.

Our main clients are industrial bakeries and cereal processing industries, as well as large-scale foodstuff trading networks. Among our clients, we number various national governments, public agencies and the WFP (World Food Program).

The range and high quality of our products is well known and appreciated in various countries, to which we supply flour for bread-making, durum wheat semolina, cereals, and other grain products, on the basis of the requirements of each country; for instance we supply semolina for cous-cous to the main North-African Countries.

Thanks to our production potential and carefully structured organisation, the Cellino Group is able to meet any order with regards both to quantity and quality, while maintaining a high level of competitiveness on the domestic and international markets.

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